Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process

Seeding the Cloud Instructions Download,print and fold the pdf according to the instructions


This page shows some images of the Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process, an ongoing project I began in 2010. Initially performed solo, the procedure involves walking, collecting and; ‘seeding’ fragments of waste plastic for the duration of a thread. Through repeat performances I create a wearable object from material waste gathered form around my neighbourhood.

I devised a booklet of instructions and began to invite people to join me in performing the process and they in turn thread their own version of the necklace. I encourage participants to redo the project in their own neighbourhood and amongst their own network, enabling the concept to amplify and potentially morph with each rendition.

The project offers an alternate vision for sustainability and craft. It seeks to enable an intimate public engagement with a larger environmental concern, it proposes a more complex role for jewellery in resolving some of the issues we face in contemporary life. To date the project has occurred (led by myself* and others) in Auckland*, Melbourne*, Adelaide*, Sydney*, Canberra, Hong Kong and Iran. For more information go to


2 thoughts on “Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process

  1. I would like to send a private email about your project “Seeding the Cloud” . Please could you send me your email address.


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