Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process 2010-

Seeding the Cloud Instructions Download,print and fold the pdf according to the instructions


Seeding the Cloud: A Walking Work in Process is an ongoing project begun in 2010. Initially performed solo, the procedure involved walking, collecting and ‘seeding’ plastic fragments for the time it took to fill a length of silk thread. Through repeat performances, singular walks were inter-looped with multiple, and over time an iterative wearable trace was formed.

I scripted a booklet of instructions and began to invite people to join me in performing the process, they, in turn, threaded their own version of the necklace. I encouraged participants to redo the project in their own neighbourhood and amongst their own network of friends, enabling the process to disseminate across variables of terrain and stylistic variables of makers.  I requested trainees feedback to project so that I and others could track ancillary uptake, adaptations of the project and subsequent modifications of the process.

The project situated an encounter with the environment facilitated on a personal scale, which was adaptable to the range of close to home, and invited a reevaluation of matter previously undervalued and overlooked. Through a framework of making care, the project offered an alternative approach to thinking through the relationship between sustainability and craft.  To date the project has occurred (led by myself* and others) in Auckland*, Melbourne*, Adelaide*, Sydney*, Canberra, Hong Kong, UK and Iran. For more information go to


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  1. I would like to send a private email about your project “Seeding the Cloud” . Please could you send me your email address.


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