NGV workshop

Wow, the workshop at the NGV went really well! It was really great to present the project to a fresh audience. I began by giving a brief overview of the project Seeding the Cloud, the how and why it came about, and I enjoyed the forthright questioning/response of the audience. We then headed over to the studio, which i had kitted out as a temporary workstation, and there I demonstrated the threading technique I use to create the necklace. We didn’t go outside for this one (OHS stuff..??…) funnily enough this enabled a wider range of participants, those who might not normally be so adventurous – which i viewed as a plus. Every one had a go at making, some followed the technique closely while others chose to innovate. I found viewing the approaches the participants took and the enthusiasm in which they all approached the task really interesting – its great to see the mind and hands at work. I am heading to NZ in September to exhibit the project and i looking forward to representing the workshop and extending the strategies for involvement in and around Auckland.


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