Walking/Working through the duration of a necklace

I’ve begun to trial a new work – it follows on from the ‘working in the environment’ process I explored in Seeding the Cloud, the difference being rather than walk/work for the length of time it takes to fill a thread, i walk/work for the duration of a necklace. My necklace of choice is a charming – graduating (2.25 -5mm) length (320 mm) of pearls (man made). I can’t remember where i got it from, but there is evidence that it had a rich life (well worn) prior to my ownership, a quality I appreciate! 


I begin, as i do with Seeding the Cloud, by going for a walk. I take with me a back pack of tools, collect fragments of plastic as i go and I pause, drill and tread the plastic with the pearlescent beads. The only difference is I carry the necklace with me, and transpose it, threading it bead by bead into the segments of found plastic. I had hoped that I could achieve this in one walk but it wasn’t as straightforward as I had planned. I’ve had a few set backs – i.e the holes of the smallest beads needed to reaming allow the threading needles through.
And one of the difficulties of working in the environment is the effects of weather. Being winter here in Melbourne it hasn’t been great, today a brisk Northerly wind made it impossible. I tried working on park benches, but found due to weeping eyes and nose that i had to abandon the more picturesque scene for the more sheltered surrounds of the smokers chairs in the alcove of the Senior Citizens Hall. Image

I worked here smoke free till it was time to pick up my son from Kindergarten (unfortunately family commitments also interrupt my attempts to perform this work, oh well thats life!) .


I hope to continue this piece tomorrow. Image


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